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Before downloading! Please read the news article here to pick the correct version for you!

PyeditCE can be downloaded from here. Please make sure you have all requirements before running.


Instructions on Installing

These instructions may not work for everyone, nor may all steps be needed for everyone either. This is just what I did to get PythonCE, and accessories, properly installed for PyeditCE use.

  1. Download all requirements
  2. Run .Net CF v2.0 installer on your PC, which will then install it on your Mobile Device
  3. Run PythonCE installer(if that is what version you downloaded) and install to anywhere, but I suggest a storage card of some sort.
  4. Unzip Tk/Tcl port and put in corresponding directories. (Windows in Windows and Tcl8.4.3 in the root folder)
  5. Run PyeditCE installer and copy unRARed file to your Mobile Device using Active Sync or similar.
  6. Run PyeditCE on your device, and go to Edit->Settings before you do any programming to tell PyeditCE where PythonCE is.
  7. Start Coding!